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Reynoldstown Finally Gets Its Day in the Sun

Posted on 21, May 2012 by csadmin

Reynoldstown is one of those neighborhoods where you get the sense that something big is about to happen. All of the right elements are in place: it boasts an ideal intown location, a large stock of cute homes ready for some TLC, and a grassroots community spirit that’s growing stronger by the year. Only about a mile east of downtown Atlanta, Reynoldstown is perfect for those who enjoy the rewards of hard work and can appreciate the quirks that come with urban living. Here’s a closer look at what you expect to find in R-Town. Expect the unexpected.

160 Chester Avenue, Atlanta, GA

Reynoldstown is one of Atlanta’s oldest African American neighborhoods, having been settled after the Civil War by freed slaves employed at the area sawmill and the railroad. Physically, it’s not too different from neighboring Cabbagetown with its narrow, often one-way streets and unpretentious houses. It’s also similiar to Cabbagetown in that it’s been attracting buyers who would fall into the “creative class.” Reynoldstown real estate is a bit of a kaliedoscope, in that in includes weathered cottages, renovated beauties, reproduction homes, startling contemporary designs, and even converted storefronts. There’s never a dull moment!

The merits of Reynoldstown are undeniable, but there’s also a smattering of other great neighborhoods that touch its borders. Orbiting it are Cabbagetown, Grant Park, Edgewood, and Inman Park. In fact, some of the craftier real estate agents would market Reynoldstown as “South Inman Park” back in the day - no need for those shenanigans now. The Beltline trail actually bisects Reynoldstown, which is a huge asset in itself. Also, the neighborhood shares a MARTA rail station with Inman Park.

One of the greatest conveniences of Reynoldstown is its proximity to the Edgewood Retail District. There you’ll find big-box stores like Targets, Lowe’s, and Best Buy, in addition to Kroger, Barnes and Noble, and a nice selection of smaller shops and restaurants (shout out to Morelli’s!). If you’re in more of an indie mood, there’s no better spot to be than Little Five Points, which is just a smidge north on Moreland Avenue. Also, Carroll Street in Cabbagetown naturally serves as a gathering ground for Atlanta’s hipsterati. It’s the perfect spot to grab a PBR, score a tat, and Instagram some street art, maybe not all in the same night.

Homes in Reynoldstown are typically priced from $100,000 to $350,000. You can search them here.

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