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Roswell's "Castle" Inspires Rubber Necking and Rumors

North Fulton County is known as the land of McMansions, but there's one Roswell home that created a category of its own: McCastle.  At the corner of Highway 140 and Cagle Road sits a squat, crenellated home known simply as "The Castle."  Because really, what other castle would one reference?  The story of how this oddity came to be is one of promises kept and truck drivers who hate home repair.

Surprisingly, the Castle is occupied by a couple that doesn't like being in the spotlight.  Which is ironic for people living in a castle.  Without a direct interview available, the curious public is left with whatever tidbits they can gather on the Internet.  And the Internet, like TV, never lies. Anywho, Google tells me that the castle was built by a retired truckdriver, one Rudy Mclaughlin, for his wife, Ruth.  This was all the way back in 1977.  Apparently the lovebirds still occupy their quirky abode, with sightings of Rudy in his overalls akin to those of the Lochness Monster.  Although I've seen its size estimated at 6,600 square feet (owing to supposedly subterranean panic rooms), I'm more inclined to believe the 1,400 square feet recorded in the Fulton County tax records.

Another tidbit, supplied by a family member, is that no wood was used in the construction of the home, not even for the kitchen cabinets!  You see, the husband didn't want the maintenance issues of wood like termites and painting.  So what you get is a literally rock solid fortress that utilized granite from Stone Mountain and marble from Tate, complete with a concrete roof.  I can't imagine what the demolition bill would be for this place.  And it's a fact that the moat doubles as a swimming pool, with the drawbridges allowing garage access.  Plentiful garden gnomes keep watch of the castle's perimeter, kicking the kitsch factor into overdrive.

As for the interior, my search turned up no reliable leads.  Perhaps it's better that way, given the track record of 1970s interior design.  Onlookers are left to come up with their own fantasy rooms, and Rudy and Ruth are probably content keeping it that way.

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