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STREET smARTs: Get'em Here.

The ATV loves wall art. We do! If you’ve ever visited our 103,000 sq. ft. abode, you may have realized that nearly every wall—glass filled or white-board lined—is embellished with the writings and drawings of our tenants. The art has generated purpose and spunk behind the ordinarily drab, unused structure of our building; but more importantly, become an outlet for promoting creativity and community at ATV. But guess what?  ATLanta loves art, too. They do! It lines our streets...

Thanks for the photo, OuterSpace Project.

For almost a decade, Atlanta has been initiating, supporting, and/or promoting city-wide creatives with the vision of

  •   beautifying Atlanta
  •   uniting communities
  •   and challenging perspectives about our public spaces and the people within them

through street art. Whether it be wall murals, tiny painted doors, or colorful bike rack sculptures, street art is enhancing Atlanta’s urban landscape while engaging its diverse range of communities. Let’s take a look at the projects happening now…

Living Walls, The City Speaks Project: This non-profit organization bridges street art and urban development, breathing life into the walls of Atlanta while giving communities a voice. They’ve cranked out 100+ public wall murals in the metropolitan area since their 2009 founding. And they. Are. A-MAZING. In fact, you can see one of them from the roof of ATV! Even better, you can volunteer to be a part of one of these projects! You’ll bond with people from your neighborhood and beyond, and learn from a world-renowned muralist or street artist among Living Walls’ 100+ artistic partners.

P.S. These guys and gals have some slick street names—3ttman, Cake, Swampy, Swoon, Paper Twins, and Doodles—and are sure to inspire your inner artíst!

The OuterSpace Project: At the epicenter of this project is an event series showcasing public art, design, live music, and action sports—with the main event dubbed “The Big Bang.” But, with origins as an outdoor mural project, the shining stars of OuterSpace are, in fact, its expansive wall murals. Partners donate walls to OuterSpace so that artists can work their magic. And I’m telling ya, their work is out of this world! Works cover the gamut of artistic expression: abstract and vibrant, to complex and provocative, to fun and fantastical, to comical and bizarre, to historical and disruptive.

Mission III of the Outerspace Project was in progress this summer (June 19-24, 2017), but you can check out the results of their past two projects here and here. But really…click. You’ll want to check these out.

Art on the Beltline: If you haven’t strolled down the Beltline. Do it! You will not regret it. The art along the path is fun, inspiring, and diverse. Some of my favorite projects include Tiny Doors ATL and Posts for Peace and Justice. Director of Tiny Doors ATL, Karen Anderson, creates whimsical, tiny doors to bring “big wonder to tiny spaces.” Put on your glasses and try to find them all…they’re scattered all along the Beltline. If you’re looking for less of a challenge, check out the Posts for Peace and Justice—6 to 8 ft. poles that sure do, stand out, along the path! Kira Carrillo Corser hopes to stimulate conversation and awareness for resolving local, national, and world-wide injustices. In addition to these little projects, there are so many sculptures that are “walk”stoppers, no doubt!

Even the local government is on board with this trend!

Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program (OCA/PAP) believes that “art enhances the quality of life for our citizens by encouraging a heightened sense of place, increasing our community’s prestige and enlivening the visual quality of Atlanta’s built environment.” In 1977, Atlanta City Government initiated a Percent for Art Ordinance that designates a portion of capital improvement funds to public art. By 1994 the OCA developed a Public Art Master Plan, which has since been revised (2001) to serve as the visionary strategy for these art initiatives. Go ATL government!!! The Mural Bike Rack Project is one baby the OCA has funded and supported. The project partnered with local artists to design and paint 18 bike racks to be dispersed throughout Atlanta’s urban streets. The goal: “promote biking transportation and infrastructure.”

and that’s pretty cool. So get with the program…

One. More. Time!!!

Living Walls

OuterSpace Project

Art on the Beltline

Earn your street smARTs by going out and visiting these murals for yourself.
*Disclaimer: This is a daytime activity*
Take some cool pics with them and post them using the hashtag #vrluvsatl

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