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Suburbs vs The City

There are a few controversies that no matter what will spark the impromptu debate. Pepsi vs. Coke. Apple vs. Samsung. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. NSYNC vs. Backstreet boys. Could Jack have actually fit on the door with Rose at the end of the Titanic? And finally… Suburbs vs. the city.  Deciding on where to live is a big decision, and we know that there is a lot of appeal to both the city life and suburban living. I thought it was necessary to look into the main differences, so you can decide once and for all which one is best fit for you.

Home Value

While the structure of your home may be a depreciating asset, the land it sits on is an appreciating asset. This is because land is a limited resource and it is in high demand.  Especially in a city of nearly 5.8 million people, land is a precious prize to own in Atlanta. So, how well is this land holding its value? City homes saw their home value grow 11.6% in one year. This is almost doubled to suburban homes that saw their value grow 6.7%.  If you are looking to invest in a home for the long term, you will see your value grow more in the city.

More Bang For Your Buck

Since we are on the subject of land, it is no secret that you can get more square footage for the same price you would pay for half the space in the city. Suburban homes offer a median of 377 more square feet. This means that a home in the suburbs offer more land, privacy, and more room for activities *cue Step Brothers bunk bed scene*. Let’s be honest, your dog would love a bigger back yard, and how great would you look in a chefs apron grilling up some hamburgers at your own backyard BBQ. This boils down to more of a preference debate, because there are plenty of people who would prefer half the space to be in the heart of all the action in the city. However, if you find your walls are shrinking then it may be time to take a look at what the suburbs have to offer.


Atlanta is the greatest city in the Unites States- I may be biased. However, this comes at a price. City dwellers on average here spend $12,557 more a year than those who chose to live outside the city’s curtains. This is understandable, if you live in a city full of great food, great people, and great experiences why would you not take advantage of it.  You pay more to live in the city as well. In Atlanta, you pay property taxes and mortgage payments of $8,866 more than those in the suburbs. Life in the city is definitely more expensive, but you are getting everything out of it that you pay for.

Life in the suburbs may be the option that is easier on the budget, but there are other things  to factor in. If you are working in the city, your commute can be a silent killer on your bank account- trust me, I know this one first hand.  If you find that you value being close to where you work, then the city may be the choice for you.


There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at schools. Everyone has a different preference on what type of school they want to send their children to. Typically inner city schools are less funded than schools in the suburbs or outside of the city. Atlanta has a lot of private schools as well, however they comes at a very pretty penny. At the end of the day each parent has a different opinion, and I’m going to leave it up to you experts to decide.

Local Activities

This boils down to a preference debate. If you enjoy a faster paced lifestyle then the city is for you. In Atlanta, you have restaurants, shops, nightlife, museums, and parks. There is never a dull moment or a night where you say “I can’t think of anything to do”. Also, if you are a food lover like myself then you would thrive in a city like Atlanta where restaurants are getting trendier and the food is getting even more instagramable.

If you are into a more go at your own pace feel then the suburbs are for you. The suburbs are a great place to start a family and settle into a more quiet environment. However, don’t let this fool you. Atlanta suburbs are breaking the stereotype of slow paced one neighborhood at a time. Take it from someone who lives in the suburbs, trendy restaurants and live music are spreading like wildfire. The suburbs are starting to inch their way into a more lively scene.


At the end of the day home is where the heart is, and wherever your heart is let us help you find your home- CLICKSCAPE

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