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20 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe, Warm, and Energy Efficient This Winter

Posted on 10, November 2011 by csadmin

Even though Old Man Winter is creeping up fast it's not too late to make sure your home's ready for the coming months of cold.  Sure, winter in the South is usually small fish compared to cities above the Mason-Dixon Line, but have you everfalse

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Street of the Week: Saint Charles Avenue in Virginia Highland and Midtown

Posted on 06, October 2011 by csadmin

I chose a great time to walk along St. Charles Avenue for this installment of Street of the Week.  It was in the early evening, just as people were beginning to relax after the work day.  There was quite a bit of buzz for a Wednesday: joggers werefalse

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Atlanta Homes as Seen on TV (and the Big Screen)

Lately there's been plenty of hubbub in Atlanta related to the amount of filming taking place around town. Print media and the evening news are doing their part to cover the buzz surrounding Atlanta's Hollywood aspirations, while the social mediafalse

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