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What is the Average Atlanta Home?

Ever wonder what an average home in Atlanta is? Well, it depends on your neighborhood! Atlanta Realtor Association released their monthly market report for August and revealed that the average sales price of a sold home in the Metro Atlanta area infalse

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Pros and Condos - 6 Reasons Why You’ll Hate Condominiums

Posted on 12, October 2012 by csadmin
Photo courtesy of Seattle PI Blog

Condo? More like Con-don’t think so!

Here are 6 reasons why you’ll hate living in an condominium.

  1. Like an Alcatraz cell, but smaller - Living in a box is not fun. Living in a box with another person is even lessfalse
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7 Reasons Why Condos are Better than Houses

Posted on 09, October 2012 by csadmin

Condos aren’t for masses, but they are a perfect lifestyle fit for some. Sure, it’s less space, but they’re chock full of goodness.

Condominiums you say? Nay. They are Condomaximums. <self-satisfied snort>

Check out these 7 Reasons Why Condos arefalse

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Philadelphia's Society Hill Towers: Modernist Landmarks in a Colonial Quarter

Posted on 22, June 2012 by csadmin

It’s hard to imagine the state of Philadelphia’s Society Hill neighborhood in the 1950s. By this time, what was once a vibrant area had fallen into a slump of neglect, which wasn't a rare occurrence nationwide post-WWII. Instead of allowing Societyfalse

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Ansley Park's Beautiful 1920s Condo Twins

Posted on 05, April 2012 by csadmin

Ansley Park gets a lot of love from those familiar with intown Atlanta real estate. It seems to have the best of everything: beautiful homes, a beguiling set of neighborhood parks, and an amazing location next to Midtown. The community is somewhatfalse

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Viridian Condos in Downtown Nashville

Posted on 02, February 2012 by csadmin

If Viridian was a book, it would be The Condo Project That Could.  Situated on a difficult half-acre site in downtown Nashville, the green glass building not only sold out nine months before completion, it also went on to when the Atlanta Districtfalse

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Live Next to Atlanta's "City of the Dead"...If You Dare!

Posted on 27, October 2011 by csadmin

Oakland Cemetery is sometimes called Atlanta's "City of the Dead," given its mansion-like mausoleums, towering obelisks, and network of brick-paved streets.  It's also of the only places in the city of Atlanta that hasn't changed much since thefalse

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A Downtown Nashville Loft Near Sordid, Fun Printers Alley

Posted on 03, October 2011 by csadmin

Associated Listing

I've been mildly obsessed with this downtown Nashville loft ever since I laid virtual eyes on it.  What is it about arched windows that makes people go gaga?  Maybe it's an innate thing, since psychologists say humans always lookfalse

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Midtown's Reid House Condominium: Loads of Class Without the Glass

If Atlanta's glass condo towers of the past decade bring to mind Miami's skyline, Midtown's Reid House is a throwback to the Upper West Side. Confidently standing like an elegant lady who's seen it all and isn't impressed, the Reid House's brickfalse

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Atlanta's Priciest Foreclosure Is...

Think quick:  what's Atlanta's most expensive foreclosure at the moment?  I'll give you some hints.  Its exterior was designed by the nation's foremost classically inclined architect; its interior resembles Warhol's Silver Factory; and the buildingfalse

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Cobb County Communities Offer Suburban Living with a View

After a relaxing weekend in gorgeous Asheville, North Carolina, I've come to realize something: Atlanta's pretty flat.  Yes, we have hills and compared to Florida we're the Himalayas, but there are few opportunities for  true "mountain homes."false

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The Intown Buyer's Dilemma: Older Home or Newer Condo?

Posted on 22, August 2011 by csadmin

I’ve always fancied myself an old-house person.  Growing up, I had subscriptions to This Old House and Old House Journal magazines, and I would spend hours drafting plans for what my ideal vintage house would look like.  I had dreams of mellowedfalse

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Atlanta Beltline Homes: Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward

Posted on 17, August 2011 by csadmin

Over the past two weeks, we've looked at homes on the Beltline in Virginia Highland and Poncey Highland.  Our tour  concludes with buildings located in Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward.  These two intown neighborhoods are like cousins, long separatedfalse

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Finally, Atlanta Condo News That Doesn't Suck

Posted on 03, August 2011 by csadmin
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Atlanta Beltline Homes: Poncey Highland

Posted on 01, August 2011 by csadmin
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Atlanta Beltline Homes: Virginia Highland

Posted on 26, July 2011 by csadmin

Some exciting things are happening on the Beltline right now.  As in, it's finally being constructed.  Work started in May and will last until early 2012 on the Eastside Trail, which is the segment of the Beltline that runs through some of Atlanta'sfalse

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Peachtree Lofts Offers Affordable, Vintage Living Spaces On The Midtown Mile

Posted on 25, July 2011 by csadmin

If you’re looking for a true loft in the heart of Midtown, Peachtree Lofts is a great buy.  It’s a member of what I like to call the Midtown Loft Trio, which also includes 805 Peachtree and Cornerstone Village.  They all offer vintage livingfalse

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Find Your Next Home Via The Peachtree Road Race

Posted on 30, June 2011 by csadmin
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Style Lives on Peachtree Road: Plaza Towers

Posted on 28, June 2011 by csadmin
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The Trials and Tribulations of Buying a Foreclosure

Posted on 14, February 2011 by csadmin

As recent first-time homebuyers, my husband and I are the (skeptically) proud owners of a fabulous historic condo in downtown Atlanta. We love the building and our neighbors, all of whom are beyond fantastic. The unit itself is in reasonably good shapefalse

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The Condo Skeptic Eats Her Words

Posted on 14, December 2010 by csadmin

I’ve never really liked the idea of owning a condo. The thought of having to ask permission to do things to your own home, coupled with the persistent menace of monthly HOA fees, was a real turnoff for me. You might as well just stay a renter infalse

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Posted on 04, October 2010 by csadmin

In this recurring column, we’ll spotlight the latest greatest Atlanta-area estate of the rich and famous who make their homes here. This time, The Propportunist would like to direct your attention to...

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What do the new FHA rules mean for condo buyers?

Posted on 06, July 2010 by csadmin

Just came across this article on something that will likely cause great concern among current and aspiring condo owners. In wide-reaching measures designed to lower risk, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has just tightened lending guidelines.false

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