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What is the Average Atlanta Home?

Ever wonder what an average home in Atlanta is? Well, it depends on your neighborhood! Atlanta Realtor Association released their monthly market report for August and revealed that the average sales price of a sold home in the Metro Atlanta area infalse

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Pros and Condos - 6 Reasons Why You’ll Hate Condominiums

Posted on 12, October 2012 by csadmin
Photo courtesy of Seattle PI Blog

Condo? More like Con-don’t think so!

Here are 6 reasons why you’ll hate living in an condominium.

  1. Like an Alcatraz cell, but smaller - Living in a box is not fun. Living in a box with another person is even lessfalse
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7 Reasons Why Condos are Better than Houses

Posted on 09, October 2012 by csadmin

Condos aren’t for masses, but they are a perfect lifestyle fit for some. Sure, it’s less space, but they’re chock full of goodness.

Condominiums you say? Nay. They are Condomaximums. <self-satisfied snort>

Check out these 7 Reasons Why Condos arefalse

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