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A DIY project can be a money saving and fun way to add some home improvement. But where do you draw the line between doing a project yourself or leaving it to the professionals? First, ask yourself these questions:

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Tiny Houses to Inspire Your Minimalist Atlanta Life

Leonardo DaVinci said "Simplicity is ultimate sophistication." If you believe that to be true, then you are in luck- tiny houses are officially coming to Atlanta.  Epo Cottages, a 40 unit development, will be built on a currently empty lot near Eastfalse

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Decorating Your Home: The Art of Quality

When buying a house, filling every room, every corner, and every space can be daunting, especially when you’re a first time homeowner or are making a big jump in square footage. After all, this is where you’re going to come home to after a long day atfalse

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Pin Me, I'm Dreaming: Our 5 Favorite Home Decor Boards

Go ahead and make yourself a cup of coffee, grab a blanket, and snuggle up on the couch. Oh, and be sure to cancel your morning plans because you're about to get lost in the Pinterest world of home decor galore. Out of the overwhelming hundreds andfalse

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Do's and Don'ts: Lighting Your Home

In the (sometimes chaotic) season of building or redecorating a home, lighting is usually not the first thing that comes to mind (unless you’re an interior designer, decorator, architect, etc.), and the psychology of lighting, the way it affects thefalse

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Georgia Gift Guide

Those of us who live here know that Georgia is the best state! Why not share the love (and Georgia's incredible products!) with your friends and family? Our Georgia Gift Guide is a curated selection of the best local products for all of your lovedfalse

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The Easiest Plants to Grow Indoors

No green thumb? No problem! Indoor plants help purify the air, promote good health, and can pack a stylish punch in any room. These indoor plants will let you bring the outdoors in for minimal effort.

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Fake Your Spring Clean

Spring cleaning feels great- especially when it's over. Fortunately, there is no reason to dread this season's tidying. These spring cleaning hacks guarantee you will have the cleanest house in Atlanta in no time at all.

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Modern Atlanta's 8th Annual Design is Human Week

Posted on 29, May 2014 by Sarah Eick

Modern Atlanta will be hosting the 8th annual Design is Human Week from June 2 to June 8. The week-long event celebrates excellence in modern design in the U.S. and around the world. MA's Design is Human Week features the MA Architecture Tour, MAfalse

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Workhorse of the Memphis Housing Stock: Shotgun Homes

Posted on 08, March 2012 by csadmin

The shotgun house is usually at the bottom of the architectural spectrum in Southern cities.  They’re small, utilitarian, and frequently unkempt.  But it’s worth taking a closer look at this building type since so many of them were built, especiallyfalse

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There's a Philip Shutze-Designed House for Sale in Cartersville?

Posted on 10, October 2011 by csadmin

Philip Shutze is regarded as one of Atlanta's greatest architects, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this listing for one of his designs in Cartersville.  It's a long way from Tuxedo Park...

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Street of the Week: Saint Charles Avenue in Virginia Highland and Midtown

Posted on 06, October 2011 by csadmin

I chose a great time to walk along St. Charles Avenue for this installment of Street of the Week.  It was in the early evening, just as people were beginning to relax after the work day.  There was quite a bit of buzz for a Wednesday: joggers werefalse

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Midtown's Reid House Condominium: Loads of Class Without the Glass

If Atlanta's glass condo towers of the past decade bring to mind Miami's skyline, Midtown's Reid House is a throwback to the Upper West Side. Confidently standing like an elegant lady who's seen it all and isn't impressed, the Reid House's brickfalse

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Roswell's "Castle" Inspires Rubber Necking and Rumors

North Fulton County is known as the land of McMansions, but there's one Roswell home that created a category of its own: McCastle.  At the corner of Highway 140 and Cagle Road sits a squat, crenellated home known simply as "The Castle."  Becausefalse

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Street of the Week: Rock Springs Road in Atlanta's Morningside Neighborhood

Posted on 29, August 2011 by csadmin

For the inaugural Street of the Week, we'll take a look down Rock Springs Road, between Morningside Drive and Piedmont Road in Morningside.  Plenty of 1920s charmers await...

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Ranch Homes In Atlanta: Could They Be The New Craftsman Bungalows?

Posted on 25, August 2011 by csadmin

The ranch home is finally getting a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

This ubiquitous housing type is now 50 years old, making it eligible for placement on the National Register of Historic Places.   In Georgia, and the Atlanta area in particular, homeownersfalse

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Gorgeous Serenbe Makes For A Cultured Weekend, Lifestyle

Posted on 21, July 2011 by csadmin

Looking for a mini-vacay right about now? Serenbe, located just 32 miles south of Atlanta in beautiful Chattahoochee Hill Country, fits the bill for an easy, relaxing, and undeniably intriguing weekend. The great thing about Serenbe is that you havefalse

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The Past, Present, and Future of Bathroom Design at MODA

Posted on 06, July 2011 by csadmin

Is there any room in the house more potentially terrifying or delightful than the master bathroom? When done right, it can be an object of envy, but an ugly bathroom can elicit nightmares. "WaterDream: The Art of Bathroom Design" is an inspiringfalse

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