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6 Things You Can Do About Neglected Foreclosures in Your Neighborhood

Posted on 17, October 2011 by csadmin

In many neighborhoods across America, a sad sight occurs all too often.  Empty and forlorn foreclosures are like the Debby Downer of the block. Plenty of horror stories are circulating around Atlanta about seemingly abandoned homes that are afalse

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Atlanta's Priciest Foreclosure Is...

Think quick:  what's Atlanta's most expensive foreclosure at the moment?  I'll give you some hints.  Its exterior was designed by the nation's foremost classically inclined architect; its interior resembles Warhol's Silver Factory; and the buildingfalse

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Will 2012 Be The End...Of The Housing Slump?

Posted on 10, August 2011 by csadmin

Fiserv Inc., the company behind the benchmark Case-Shiller Index, is predicting home prices to bottom out near the end of 2012.  Of course, since the world will also be ending around that time, our celebrations might get cut a little short.

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