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Edible Cookie Dough Has Arrived in Atlanta

The edible cookie dough trend has come to Atlanta. Batter Cookie Dough Counter opened in Ponce City Market this fall.

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Home Trends We Loved In 2017

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All Things Fall in Atlanta

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Ford Fry- Atlanta's go-to Restaurateur

(Pictures courtesy of Ford Fry)
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All About the Atlanta Braves New Stadium

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A DIY project can be a money saving and fun way to add some home improvement. But where do you draw the line between doing a project yourself or leaving it to the professionals? First, ask yourself these questions:

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Atlanta's Unique Kroger Names

Posted on 11, May 2016 by Ryann Hogan

If you are new to Atlanta, you may have been left scratching your head when you hear someone reference "Murder Kroger" or "Disco Kroger".  While those are the most commonly known nicknamed Krogers, the trend has stretched across the city. Everfalse

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Four Trends in Atlanta Real Estate

One of our favorite things about Atlanta is that it is always changing. There is always a new restaurant to try, a new neighborhood to explore, a new neighbor to meet. Real estate in Atlanta is no different, with new construction and renovationsfalse

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The Easiest Plants to Grow Indoors

No green thumb? No problem! Indoor plants help purify the air, promote good health, and can pack a stylish punch in any room. These indoor plants will let you bring the outdoors in for minimal effort.

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3 Great Trends for Atlanta's Housing Market

2015 is turning out to be a great year for the Atlanta housing market as it has grown stronger each subsequent month and shows no signs of slowing down. June was not only Atlanta's best housing month thus far this year but also one of its best sincefalse

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Atlanta Ranked Among Most Budget-Friendly for Millennials

Atlanta is still in the range of affordability for the average millennial, according to a recent study by Bloomberg L.P.

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Could This Be the Next Big Thing in Atlanta Housing Design?

Posted on 27, January 2012 by csadmin

You heard it here first: the next big thing in Atlanta housing design will be Prairie style.  This Midwestern-borne school of architecture originated in the early 1900s and is most closely associated with Frank Lloyd Wright, but there’s reason tofalse

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Atlanta Homes as Seen on TV (and the Big Screen)

Lately there's been plenty of hubbub in Atlanta related to the amount of filming taking place around town. Print media and the evening news are doing their part to cover the buzz surrounding Atlanta's Hollywood aspirations, while the social mediafalse

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Ranch Homes In Atlanta: Could They Be The New Craftsman Bungalows?

Posted on 25, August 2011 by csadmin

The ranch home is finally getting a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

This ubiquitous housing type is now 50 years old, making it eligible for placement on the National Register of Historic Places.   In Georgia, and the Atlanta area in particular, homeownersfalse

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Discover the Farmers Markets of North Fulton County

Posted on 09, August 2011 by csadmin

Georgia's August weather doesn't usually inspire much outdoor romping, but there is an upside to the sticky season. That is, there's so many ripe things to eat this time of year!  North Fulton County has a nice collection of weekend farmers marketsfalse

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Hop On The Home Elephant For News In Your Neighborhood

Posted on 02, August 2011 by csadmin
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Chicken Coops Are The Latest Backyard Must Have...That Is, For Some People

Posted on 19, July 2011 by csadmin

Chickens seem to be all over the news these days.  There's the on-going saga of the Roswell Chicken Man, who enlisted former governor Roy Barnes-turned-lawyer to help him fight City Hall only to have 1/3 of his chickens die of suspected poisoning.false

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