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Terrible Real Estate Pictures

Posted on 06, June 2014 by Sarah Eick

Real estate photos are usually meant to highlight a properties best features and give buyers a preview of the home. 'Terrible Real Estate Pictures' is a collection of the worst of the worst when it comes to showcasing properties. They are inexplicably bad property photos that include everything from bloodstained floors to strange bathrooms that must make selling the home extremely tough.

tumblr_n0ufc9yFW81rrqskho1_500In case you're planning on having an audience while using the restroom.

tumblr_n13tcyBv8W1rrqskho1_500Which is worse - the tacky 70's era carpet or the man preparing for a flood?

tumblr_n26k2brwKj1rrqskho1_500So, which house is it? OH, I see it now...

For those times when you need to see yourself from every angle.

tumblr_n0oevyhGEH1rrqskho1_500The child under the bed does in fact come with the house.

tumblr_mw2c09UPPc1rrqskho1_500One question..what the $#@& happened here?!

tumblr_n09o7gWnsE1rrqskho1_500At least you won't have to worry about missing the delivery man anymore.

tumblr_n50jdbqxPa1rrqskho1_500Clearly a family of Smurfs had a tragic ending in this house.

tumblr_muh1cuUapU1rrqskho1_500Now this is what I call a throne!

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