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The Best Resolution: Show Your Home Some Love in 2012

Posted on 09, January 2012 by csadmin

Here we are, a week into January, and you can almost hear the bubbles bursting around you; New Year’s resolutions are short-lived creatures.  Instead of resting your hopes and dreams on one great goal,  maybe it’s better to create a list of different sized ones.  The feeling of achievement for a few little things will add up to the joy of one big accomplishment, or something like that.  To get you started, here’s my list of home-related goals for 2012.

  • Get on the green bandwagon, and make some eco-friendly updates to your home.  Even if Al Gore gives you the creeps, there’s no denying you can save money and live healthier by making even minor modifications.  My weather-proofing post has some good ideas, from weatherstripping to water heater replacement.
  • I understand that your neat freak mother scarred your childhood and gave you a homicidal attitude towards sponges.   But get in the habit of cleaning your house/condo/parents’ basement on a regular basis.  Even the ugliest homes gain respectability when you can picture yourself eating off the floor without instantly dying.  If you can’t handle it, trade in your latte budget for a cleaning service.
  • Simplify your life by organizing your home.  I know this is terribly cliche, but all your extra crap is weighing you down, trust me.  I haven’t published the study yet, but there is a tangible psychological effect of having too much stuff.  Hoarders, anyone?
  • Update your home’s paint job and/or exorcise it of that ‘80s tiny-floral-print wallpaper.  Again, not the most original suggestion, but an important one.  You’re not wearing the same makeup from 10 years ago, right? (Just nod your head).  Why should your walls?  And if you get a panic attack in front of the paint chip wall, just go with greige.  It’s foolproof.
  • At some point this year, complete those half-way finished remodeling projects.  This suggestion is only slightly directed to certain members of my family, but I know they can’t be the only ones.  You ripped up that carpet, and I know you’re not going to stain the concrete, so make it a priority to get something else down.  Or finish that backsplash.  Or the deck.
  • Here’s something super easy that’ll make you feel great for at least a couple of months: replace your bedding.  I’ve experienced few things more satisfying than a new  set of sheets, fresh pillows and comforter all at the same time.  Then again, I don’t get out much.  And you’ll feel even better if you don’t pay retail - if you don’t buy them from Homegoods* you’re paying too much.

Now you can go forth into 2012 with confidence. You’ve got six months until it’s too late!

*I am not, nor is anyone I know, affiliated with Homegoods.  But they do have some great deals on bedding.

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