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The Easiest Plants to Grow Indoors

No green thumb? No problem! Indoor plants help purify the air, promote good health, and can pack a stylish punch in any room. These indoor plants will let you bring the outdoors in for minimal effort.


Fiddle Leaf Fig: This plant has lately one of the most popular choices for home decor.  It's dramatic, neat structure allows the fiddle leaf fig to make a statement but prevents it from overpowering a room. Although they can be finicky, once this plant is happy it has the potential to grow up to 10 feet. Give the fiddle leaf fig a spot out of the way any drafts by a sunny window and water once every 10 days.


Succulents: Succulents have been popular in interior design for their hardy nature and for the stunning and exotic varieties. They do well planted in groups or alone. Succulents thrive in warm, dry climates, so when growing them indoors in humid Atlanta, allow the plant to fully dry out between waterings. Place in a sunny window, but watch carefully to ensure that the plants don't burn in the sun.


Aloe Vera: The aloe vera plant is not only stylish, but will make you feel like a modern-day apothecary. Cutting open an aloe vera leaf will emit the most natural form of the green gel you buy at the beach. This gel can be used for burns, rashes, and cuts.  Plant aloe vera in a container where it has plenty of room to grow with well draining soil.  Then water deeply, and allow the soil to completely dry before watering again.


Rubber Tree: When caring for a rubber tree, light is an important factor. Many plant parents have found success by placing a rubber plant next to a bright window with sheer curtains, as the rubber tree enjoys bright light but runs the risk of burning. Frequent watering and clipping dead leaves will also help keep your rubber tree healthy.

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