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The Past, Present, and Future of Bathroom Design at MODA

Posted on 06, July 2011 by csadmin

Is there any room in the house more potentially terrifying or delightful than the master bathroom? When done right, it can be an object of envy, but an ugly bathroom can elicit nightmares. "WaterDream: The Art of Bathroom Design" is an inspiring look at the world of lavatory fashion.  It's the current exhibit at the Museum of Design Atlanta; you know, the building on Peachtree in Midtown with all the rubber ducks on the sidewalk.

The show is an extension of the WaterDream project, whereby three European designers "created conceptual bathrooms that celebrate the transformative qualities of water in the domestic realm."  In other words, this is the Loo 2.0.  The three solutions are totally unique; one is a metaphor for family love, the next brings nature into the home, and the third is made of components that you're invited to arrange.  Lofty ideas perhaps, but at one time so was the idea of multiple bathrooms in one house.

In addition to showcasing the trio of visionary lavatories, the exhibit also features a gallery that follows the timeline of bathroom design, from about 1850 to now.  If you'd like to see why the exhibit doesn't go farther back than 1850, click here.  Gallery Two is dedicated to faucet and fixture design, and all of Gallery Three focuses on the revolutionary minimalist luxury of Philippe Starck.  Come see the possibilities, and you may be inspired to do some conceptualizing of your own.

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