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THE PROPPORTUNIST Presents: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Posted on 16, August 2011 by csadmin

In this recurring column, Clicks & Mortar spotlights the latest, greatest Atlanta-area estate of the rich and famous who make their homes here. This time, The Propportunist would like to direct your attention to...

10 Valley Rd, Atlanta GA, 30305

(Are those plants real??)

This 6BR/6BA Tuxedo Park gem is visually shocking in the best way. Its Italianate facade houses almost 7000 square feet of creatively appointed luxury. But what makes it even more exciting is that it also just so happens to belong to famous country singer and restaurateur Kenny Rogers. Aside from rocking an iconic beard, churning out a solid stream of appropriately sorrowful twangy tunes, and coming up with a signature version of roasted chicken for the masses, Mr. Rogers has apparently developed an enduring love of interior decorating, as evidenced by this unique masterpiece. Everything in this home, from the fresco-like ceiling scenes to the homey naugahyde booth in the kitchen, was specifically chosen or designed by Rogers and his wife, who are clearly inspired by a great fondness for faux finishes and sparkly black granite.

The fact that the master suite has heated marble floors throughout would’ve been enough in itself to sell me on this beaut of a home, but look a little deeper and you’ll find that the surprises just keep on coming! Where do I begin? The master bedroom’s triple tray ceiling takes a mark of refinement to the next level, and the suite includes a ginormous walk-in closet that most women would kill their first-born to have. Envelop yourself in every shade of beige in existence in the parlor, where the mirrored wall simply reflects the flamboyant splendor of the surrounding decor. With its ficus-eating giraffe figurine and zebra-skin wall hanging, the “Africa Room” is unlike any guest bedroom I’ve ever seen before, in a celebrity home or otherwise. And those atmosphere-enhancing plants in the kitchen--why, I never! (Are those things real???)The backyard features a bafflingly unspectacular swimming pool, as if the developer ran out of decorating gimmicks, got tired, and called it a day. Regardless, the built-in spa makes this high-end pool a welcome respite from sweltering Atlanta summers. There’s a playroom for the kids, a man-cave with a circular bar, and plenty of other fun features to keep any brood happily occupied with leisure activities of all sorts. Rogers and his family have no doubt really enjoyed living (part-time?) in such an opulently furnished manse as this is.

But just like in the song, The Gambler knows when to hold ‘em, and he knows when to fold ‘em. Mr. Rogers has acquired an impressive portfolio of properties over the past few years, but he has slowly started to downsize as of late. (Times are tough, kids!)  This home was last on the market back in 2008 for $5.9M, but a $3.99M reprice gives it a much better shot at selling fast. At least he was able to unload his massive estate outside Athens, which sold earlier this year. One down, one to go.

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