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The Three Million Dollar Bunker

Posted on 07, March 2012 by csadmin

In this weekly feature on Clicks & Mortar, we bring you the most notable or interesting property we can find in our service area. This week’s featured over-the-top property is 3031 I'on Avenue, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482 - $3,000,000.

In recognition of our last post highlighting Sullivan’s Island, we wanted to find something OTTP from that location. And boy, did we ever. This must be one of the strangest homes we’ve featured, and we think you’ll agree there’s no better place to be when the next big...anything arrives. May we present to you: the Three Million Dollar Bunker.

The Bunker is actually a solid concrete gun battery that was constructed in 1942 as part of our coastal defense system during the Second World War. It was deactivated in 1947, and converted to residential use in 1972. “Solid” may be a bit of an understatement, as the walls and roof consist of 12-15 feet of concrete. No wonder the listing describes the property as a “dooms day bunker.” With five bedrooms, it’s safe to say you’ll have plenty of room in which to house those whom you deem worthy of saving come the nuclear holocaust.

Disappointingly, the listing offers zilch in the way of interior photos, leading us to wonder what exactly lurks inside. Maybe it’s a nightmare of 1970s design; maybe it’s top secret. Whatever it is, it’s probably the complete opposite of the traditional Lowcountry style home typically found on Sullivan’s Island. We will say the fish sculpture perched on the roof is a nice touch. The listing agent might have the right idea by including so many historical photographs. After all, it’s going to take a special buyer obsessed with a combination of militaria, history, and unique architecture to get this place sold. And if they were having a panic attack at 11:59 PM on January 31, 1999, this could be their ultimate dream home.

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