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The Top 6 Haunted Hot Spots in Metro Atlanta

Posted on 19, October 2011 by csadmin

It’s that time of year again.  When Target starts putting out the icicle lights and Santa inflatables, you know Halloween is right around the corner.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate this macabre season than with a tour of a real* haunted place!  Ghost tours aren’t just part of a Savannah/Charleston/New Orleans vacation anymore; metro Atlanta is swarming with opportunities to experience the supernatural side.

And you thought the only dead thing downtown was Underground Atlanta!  The tour group meets appropriately enough at the corner of Ellis and Peachtree Streets, scene of the deadliest hotel fire in US history.

This isn’t technically a ghost tour, but who knows what (or who) you might bump into?  The event, held on the Friday before Halloween, is the only time of the year when the gates of Oakland Cemetery are open past dusk.  It’s a chance to learn about the cemetery’s notable residents, who include many of Atlanta’s historical movers and shakers, plus some of the gorgeous mausoleums are dramatically lit by candlelight.

Luckily for tour members, this website claims that “Decatur’s dead are pretty restless.”  Must be all the organic, free trade, shade grown brew at Dancing Goats.

Here’s a tour that guarantees you’re getting what you paid for: real ghosts.  According to their website, the folks behind the Roswell Ghost Tour only use real reports of paranormal activity, not fictitious stories like some other Atlanta tours.  Wonder which ones those are...

The enterprising people behind the Marietta Ghost Tour have broken down the spooky schtick into a number of options.  You have the original “Ghosts of Marietta” walking tour, which is pretty self-explanatory.  Then there’s the “Scary-etta” trolley tour which only requires minimal walking.  For adults there's the “Spirits and Spirits” and "Haunted Pub Crawl" tours, which lubricate your paranormal sensory abilities with the good stuff.

You have the option of hitting the pavement or taking a trolley ride with the Lawrenceville Ghost Tour.  According to their website, the Square started experiencing an uptick in ghosties when recent building renovations woke them from their eternal slumber.  Oh wait, wasn’t that also around the time that the downtown merchants really ramped up their marketing efforts?  Curiouser and curiouser!

*My mantra: everyone is in their own reality.

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