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This Week’s Over-The-Top Property: A Manor Fit for a King!

Posted on 26, August 2011 by csadmin

In this weekly feature on Clicks & Mortar, we bring you the most notable or interesting property we can find in the Atlanta metro area. This week’s featured over-the-top property is...

1350 King Ln - image from above

1350 King Lane, Franklin TN - $27.5M

Reposing regally on rolling green hills dotted with clusters of trees and a small lake, this tremendous modern-day plantation literally boggles the mind with its brilliance. Of course, it goes without saying that the house is spectacular on its own, but what you’re really buying is an honest-to-gosh estate in the truest, old-fashioned sense of the word. [Note: Serfs sold separately.

With 700 acres of land to exploit however you see fit, you could immediately begin cultivating of your choice of cash crop, or perhaps you’d prefer to just fill your days with aimless meandering on horseback or foot. However you decide to use this property, you’re sure to feel like the emperor of your own mini-kingdom, and the best part is, you’re just a short drive from the tony Nashville suburb of Franklin, TN! Shall we on to the manor house, then? Let’s!The cavernous 20,430-sqft mansion epitomizes the spirit of “Antebellum goes fashionable” with its neoclassical French-inspired design. Each room has its own aesthetically pleasing combination of fine silk window treatments, blindingly glittering Waterford crystal chandeliers, and endless lengths of crown molding on steroids. The public spaces are so tastefully decorated, in fact, that this home could easily be the featured spread in some mainstream interior design rag. But prepare yourself for a visual shock when you step into a garage for a NASCAR king, complete with mirrored walls (to make it seem like you have even more awesome sportscars in your fleet) and a black-and-white checkerboard floor that’s strongly reminiscent of a racing flag. It kinda reminds me of the similarly tricked out garage at Graceland. Hey, if it’s good enough for thatKing, then it’s good enough for you--you dig?Out back, the Greek Revival facade with its double galleries and imposing columns lends an air of elegance to the freeform pool and patio, making this fancy-pants terrace much more suited to a luxury boutique hotel than a private residence. But nevermind that--how totally cool is it that the pool features a birdbath in its center so that you can swim with the birdies! If that’s not a pastime of the idle rich, then I don’t know what is...

Sprawling horse stables, a humble and suitably dull caretaker’s abode, and a rustic treehouse-like cabin of indeterminate purpose all sweeten the deal here. But act fast, because as the property listing points out, this estate most certainly ranks among “the finest properties available in America today”--and at $27.5M, it’s got a price tag to match.

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