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This Week’s Over-The-Top Property: Amityville 2.0

Posted on 21, October 2011 by csadmin

1104 Riverside Dr., Old Hickory TN - Clickscape

We’re really getting into the Halloween spirit around here at Clickscape. Maybe that’s why our featured Over-the-Top Property this week is a dead ringer for the creepy house featured in the 1979 horror classic The Amityville Horror. In fact, the original house in Amityville, NY was on the market quite recently--but that’s the similarities don't end there.

This 8BR/3.5BA Dutch colonial home was built in 1918 and has the same distinctive gambrel roof that the Amityville House has. At 3950 square feet, it is just a tad larger than the original house’s 5BR/3BA 3600-sq ft footprint. Both homes are comprised of two stories with a full basement, and both are situated directly on the water and only a short walking distance from working marinas and their respective cozy neighborhood watering holes. Finally, our featured property is located on Riverside Dr. in the historic Village of Old Hickory (a well-to-do Nashville suburb). And if you check out a map of Amityville, you’ll notice that 108 Ocean Dr. (formerly 112 Ocean Dr.) sits just across the channel from the parallel street of Riverside Ave! [cue creepy Twilight Zone music]

If you’re looking for an Amityville-like experience, you’ve come to the right place. Hear weird noises and smell inexplicable odors while working away in the cozy study, which is ensconced in impressive floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves and comes complete with a brick-hearthed fireplace for that spooky ambience you crave! See demonic visions manifesting themselves in this or perhaps the larger main fireplace in the living room! Spot glowing demon eyes just outside of the generously sized window in the guest bedroom--which is being used as a bedroom and not a sewing room, contrary to Father Mancuso’s stern warning!

At least you won’t have to deal with pesky swarms of flies in wintertime, thanks to the airtight energy-efficient windows. You can also rest assured that this updated historic home has all new wiring, so you won’t experience any funny stuff that could be misinterpreted as paranormal activity. There’s no indication that any of the elegantly appointed walls or doors will ooze, or have ever oozed, with blood and other ectoplasmic substances, so decorate away! This home is just waiting for your finishing touches (hopefully none of them will involve murder).

I wonder if there’s a secret walled-off room in the basement...

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