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This Week's Over-the-Top Property: Camp Boxwoods

Posted on 16, July 2012 by csadmin

Camp Boxwoods exists as a kind of rural fantasy. Not too far outside the storybook town of Madison, Georgia, its 250 acre spread offers just about every amenity you would expect in a country estate, but done at a Martha Stewart level of good taste. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the sellers are the owners of Buckhead’s esteemed Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts? They’ve done an amazing job creating what might be one of Georgia’s most intriguing pieces of property currently on the market.

Full disclosure: I was able to tour Camp Boxwoods as part of last year’s Madison Tour of Homes. Needless to say, it blew more than a few minds that weekend. Amazingly, the current house is a complete overhaul of a less-than-impressive home dating from the 1970s. Looking at the lofty tower, the oversized porches, and the multiple chimneys, you’d never guess this was formerly a disco-era offender. About the only original leftover is the massive stone fireplace. Inside, the use of architectural salvage, much of it purchased on buying trips to France, help reinforce the Victorian illusion. A couple of standouts I remember from the tour: an antique stained glass window set into the floor of the master closet that formed a kind of skylight on the ceiling below, and an upper room with walls decorated with hand applied acorns, sticks, and other natural niceties.

The grounds of Camp Boxwoods are stuffed with all manner of pastoral goodies. It’s the perfect place for animal lovers, which I remember more than a few of lazing around during the tour. A four stall stable is on the property, as well as a “luxury” chicken coop that also houses some unruly peacocks. The parterre gardens are a beautifully civilized feature, and of course there’s also a food garden. On a wilder level, the grounds themselves boast two lakes, three creeks, and a peaceful waterfall. The acres of woods form the perfect opportunity for an afternoon of exploring. You can rest assured that the main house offers the ideal respite from a day of “roughing it.”

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