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This Week’s Over-The-Top Property: Chastain Chateau

In this weekly feature on Clicks & Mortar, we bring you the most notable or interesting property we can find in the Atlanta metro area. This week’s featured over-the-top property is...

1050 West Conway Drive, Atlanta, GA 30327

1050 West Conway Drive, Atlanta GA, 30327 - $2.7M

Nestled on over 9 acres of thickly forested hills just west of Chastain Park lies a truly unusual property. This 7BR/8+BA chateau was built in 1940 and presents a starkly imposing Neo-Palladian facade that could make even the bravest visitor cower in terror. Just look at the main listing photo and you’ll see what I mean. The house itself looms menacingly in the distance, accented by two eerily placid ponds, as a single empty park bench lurks ominously in the foreground, dark clouds gathering in the overcast sky above.

Say what you will, but it’s hard to deny that a distinct aura of mystery surrounds this place. In fact, this estate would provide the perfect backdrop for a creepy suspense thriller or one of Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted short stories. I can see it now: The protagonist approaches the sinister chateau, as a deranged recluse in disheveled smoking jacket peers suspiciously from the window, hiding behind the gorgeous silk drapes.

Step inside -- if you dare -- and you’ll see an immaculately appointed interior with high-end touches throughout, not to mention some really dang fancy crown molding! The living room is the pièce de résistance of the public spaces, but the dark oil portrait brooding over the room creates a vaguely sinister atmosphere. (“I know her eyes are following me, I just know it!”) The spiraling main staircase could easily serve as the centerpiece in a Hitchcock thriller (Vertigo: Redux, anyone?).

Of course, this home would also make a magnificent hideaway for secretive types, like international spies or undercover superheroes...Batman, maybe. There is a roomy in-law suite for your trusty live-in butler, Alfred (or whatever you prefer to call him). Aside from receiving nervously trembling guests, tending to the perpetual roaring fires in the two marble fireplaces, and turning down your bed each night, Alfred also happens to be a whiz in the kitchen and regularly indulges you in specially prepared feasts. The home’s walk-in pantry holds a stockpile of sundries and victuals -- enough to feed a small army, really -- so in the event that you find the primary kitchen insufficient for your culinary needs, rest assured that there’s a second kitchen to accommodate your demands for extra cooking space.

And when you need to disappear for awhile, simply take a walk through the pasture and over to the stables, which look more like a horror film set than a place you’d keep actual horses. In fact, the only thing that’s not disquieting about this place is the amazing price reduction you’ll get when you sign on the dotted line (in blood, of course). Formerly listed at $4.5M, this property is now going for $2.7 million. And here at Clickscape, savings are never scary!

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