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This Week's Over-the-Top-Property: Contemporary Castle in Washington Square West

Posted on 30, May 2012 by csadmin

Tucked away on cozy Latimer Street in Philadelphia’s Washington Square West neighborhood sits this $6,200,000 modern stunner, surely one of the city’s most striking living spaces. Unaccustomed passerby probably aren’t sure what to think of the oddly angled, metal clad structure; could it be small offices? The embassy for some savvy Scandinavian country? Its Deconstructivist look certainly stands out from its 19th century brethren, but in a way that enlivens the street more so than degrading its coherency. Things get a little more wild once you step inside.

1200 Latimer is perfectly suited for a homeowner who prefers drama and a “wow” factor to warm domesticity. Want to impress your guests? This is the spot. It truly feels more like a contemporary art gallery than anything. The dimensions of the living spaces reach industrial proportions due to huge ceilings of oddly sloped metal, with the overall color palette restricted to chic grays and whites. You’ve gotta love how the staircase climbs up into the cavernous structure in almost robotic fashion. Speaking of robots, the kitchen appears pseudo sci-fi with oodles of stainless steel and the absence of seemingly old fashioned upper cabinets. Its positioning within a room formed by massive bookcases is a great example of form meeting function.

In a dense city like Philadelphia, it’s nice to be able to stretch out and breathe easy every now and then. That must have been the inspiration behind the home’s outdoor living spaces, which include a roof terrace and an intimate courtyard. The latter’s stocked with mature bamboo that does wonders in softening the home’s strong angles. Glass all along its perimeter not only looks snazzy, it also gives light plenty of opportunity to reach the interior spaces. All in all, 1200 Latimer combines all the best elements of sophisticated urban dwellings: space, light, and a whole lot of bragging rights.

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