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This Week’s Over-The-Top Property: It Must’ve Been Providence

Posted on 03, June 2011 by csadmin

In this weekly feature on Clicks & Mortar, we bring you the most notable or interesting property we can find in the Atlanta metro area. This week’s featured over-the-top property is...

1865 Bethany Way, Milton GA

 1865 Bethany Way, Milton GA, 30004 - $9.25M

In the spirit of keeping cool during this week’s mini-heatwave, here is yet another lakeside domain for your Friday viewing pleasure. “Providence” is the brainchild of local architect-developer Stephen Fuller, who, incredibly, is referred to on his website as “America’s top residential house designer.” Providence was inspired by Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s famous estate in Virginia--so you know it’s gotta be special!

Aside from being a one-of-a-kind (yet somehow timeless as well) design masterpiece of symmetry, scale, and proportion, this colossal 13,000+ sq ft gated estate sits proudly on 60 cleverly landscaped acres, complete with a winding tree-flanked front drive and grass so green, you’d swear it was astroturf. With nine bedrooms, nine full baths, two half-baths, and a six-car garage, there’s plenty of room for a ginormous family, perhaps--or simply someone with lots of overnight visitors and houseguests. If that weren’t enough room already, there is also a separate guest cottage, as well as an additional 3BR/2BA caretaker house that sits right next to the barn and equestrian pastures. I guess that means that guests can bring their hired help and horses too!

There’s plenty to keep you, your prodigious family, and your multitude of houseguests entertained in this home. People who love books can enjoy the handful populating the sparse shelves in the wood-paneled library; for those who don’t like to read, there’s a home theatre to help fulfill escapist tendencies. Bored sporty types can while away their abundant leisure time riding horses, playing tennis or basketball, or swimming. In fact, with its tinkling fountain, large pool with spa, and 850 feet of lake frontage, the Providence estate must be divine providence for a water sign (I’m a Scorpio...perhaps that’s why I was drawn to it in the first place...Hmmm....). There’s a few massive fireplaces as consolation prizes for fire signs, but as long as you’ve got $9.25M to drop on a personal estate-slash-family compound, it doesn’t matter what your sign is.

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