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This week's Over the Top Property: Music City Glamour

Posted on 17, January 2012 by csadmin

In this weekly feature on Clicks & Mortar, we bring you the most notable or interesting property we can find in the Nashville metro area. This week’s featured over-the-top property is…

180 9th Avenue North #701, Nashville, TN 37023 - $4,000,000*

As regular browsers of real estate listings, we’ve seen some pretty spectacular condos.  However, this unit in Nashville’s exclusive Westview condominiums had our jaws agape.      Forget Belle Meade;  all the Music City glamour one could ever need is downtown at #701 180 Ninth Avenue.

To be honest, you might not expect a $4M condo to be hiding out on this street.  The Westview building is neighbored by a small parking deck on one side and low, gritty brick buildings on the other.  But don’t let the unassuming 1950s facade fool you.  The 2005 conversion of the building into only 10 living spaces is looking as fresh as ever.

Dark floor and ceiling finishes give the unit a, dare I say it, sexy aura, and a dramatic chandelier in the dining area pops out at you like a piece of (expensive) jewelry.  Clever use of raised platforms allows the loft’s spaces to be delineated without the addition of light-killing walls.  The master suite is semi-palatial, given that there’s enough space for a raised bed and a living room’s worth of seating.  But the star of the show is the moody master bedroom, which reaches fantasy levels of design.

Your eye really doesn’t know where to go when seeing a room like this for the first time.  Looking up you’ll see a dark painted ceiling with a dramatically lit barrel vault that runs the length of the room; the floor is finished in shimmering mosaic tiles. Dual vanities sit on either side of an oversized ceiling height mirror, and there’s full wall of windows overlooking downtown Nashville.  But your attention can’t help returning to the rock-star tub, which sits on its own pedestal and features a seductive infinity edge.

#701 includes a home theater, but to be honest the real show is on the roof.  There you’ll find what might be Nashville’s best rooftop.  The designer was able to go all out up there because the building was originally built to handle the construction of additional floors.  This isn’t just one of those concrete pads with a few chairs and a couple of potted plants thrown in.  It’s more like a mini park, with paths, trees, and wildflowers.  Seating areas, lounge chairs, and a gazebo offer plenty of opportunity from which to take it all in.  It’s proof that you can never judge a condo from its cover.

*Additional photos can be found here.

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