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This Week's Over-The-Top Property: Rough Meets Polished in the Pennsylvania Countryside

Posted on 29, June 2012 by csadmin

This week's OTTP is a little more than over-the-top: it's somewhere in outer space. Well, technically it's only 22 miles from Philadelphia's Center City, but this 70 acre estate belongs firmly in the realm of fantasy, unless your house hunting budget allows for a $30,000,000 purchase. If it does, are you in for a treat! The spread combines world-class architectural design with a bucolic eastern Pennsylvania landscape: what's not to love?

Ignoring the home's aesthetic value (as painful as that is), the place is quite impressive purely for the space it affords. Its 40,000 square feet contains ten bedrooms, nine full baths, and six half baths. Plus two stone farmhouses. Plus a three bedroom apartment. Plus oodles and oodles of rolling hills and forest. It was planned as a retreat, and from the looks of it that was beautifully achieved. The team responsible for the design, Rafael Vinoly Architects, brought 25 different plans to the table before the current one was selected. They've done work the world over, and this home's plan was influenced by a similar one they completed in Kuala Lumpur. How many houses can claim that kind of lineage? Rough hewn, locally sourced stone covers a steel frame, and a tree-studded central courtyard forms the "heart" of it all. It also makes for one heck of a dramatic entrance.

No expense was spared on making the interior as impressive as possible. Spaces go from light and airy to cozy and intimate depending on the use. Care was taken to provide the best natural light and ample wall space for the patron's extensive art collection, so go ahead and pencil in a Christie's auction or two if need be. A movie theater occupies room downstairs, in addition to a humidity and temperature controlled wine cellar with room for 6,000 bottles. In the rest of the house, a load of windows allows dreamy views of the surrounding greenery. Doubles seem to pop up frequently here, and not just on the outdoor and indoor tennis courts. Given that you'll want to share your space with guests, the floorplan includes a pair of elegant dining rooms. The master bathroom is divided into his and hers, as are the dressing rooms. Judging from the bathrooms, there must have been quite a marble budget, given that the tub appears to be one solid carved block. That shower rivals the size of some Manhattan studio apartments!

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