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Tiny Houses to Inspire Your Minimalist Atlanta Life

Leonardo DaVinci said "Simplicity is ultimate sophistication." If you believe that to be true, then you are in luck- tiny houses are officially coming to Atlanta.  Epo Cottages, a 40 unit development, will be built on a currently empty lot near East Point Marta, and is currently on schedule to be on the market in early 2017. Even though that's still a while from now, you can start planning for your tiny house now, with these three tiny houses designed to inspire you to live minimally.

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tiny house

The Britespace by Avava Systems is any guest's dream. With an attached porch and hardwoods throughout, this pre-fab house is available for order from the company's website. For a cool $133,000 the basic model of this tiny house can be yours- but they only ship to the West Coast (sorry, Atlanta).


If a luxury experience is more your style, this tiny house in the Wildwood Lakefront Cottages development is Canada is for you. At just 399 square feet, the plentiful windows allow you to feel like you are living large!



The Tiny Hall House might just be your new favorite tumblr.  This tiny house is home to a family of three and their blog is full of design advice and tips on living simply.

Looking for a tiny house (or something bigger)? We can help. Start your search today. 

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