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Top Five Home Remodeling Investments

Posted on 05, July 2011 by csadmin

Move over baseball.  Home remodeling is the new American Pastime.

The remodeling craze stemmed from two other pastimes that Americans are known for: TV and shopping.  First, we were bombarded with reality makeover shows, most of which could be considered the spawn of Trading Spaces.  Around that time, HGTV replaced all its knitting and quilting shows with remodeling programs that always seemed to feature a hunky carpenter.  Then there was Extreme Makeover-Home Edition and the creation of the DIY Network.  Spotting the trend, Lowes and Home Depot stores became less about construction tools and more about expanded paint selection and decorative lighting.  Consumers became weekend warriors at battle with their kitchens and baths.

The downturn in the housing market has only increased remodeling's relevance.  Instead of trying to sell, some homeowners are staying put and improving what they have, while those that need to sell try to make their house the best on the block.  Either way, the Cost vs. Value Report produced annually by Remodeling Magazine is a handy tool.  It’ll give you an idea of much money you can expect to get back when selling time comes.

Listed are the most lucrative projects for Atlanta remodelers.  The whole report can be found here.

Midrange                                             Cost              Return

Entry door replacement (steel)         $1,146             95.8%

Garage door replacement                    $1,245            83.5%

Deck addition (wood)                          $10,327          77.6%

Siding replacement (vinyl)                  $10,948         65%

Entry door replacement (fiberglass) $3,443            64.5%

Upscale                                                   Cost                Return

Siding replacement (fiber-cement)  $13,287            76.5%

Garage door replacement                     $3,521             71%

Siding replacement (vinyl)                  $13,510           64.8%

Grand entrance                                       $7,333             64.7%

Window replacement (wood)             $17,540           61.8%

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