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What is RETSO?

Posted on 23, April 2012 by csadmin

In an industry where there’s a conference every other day, RE TECH SOUTH (now officially RETSO) stands alone. Founded by Brad Nix and with the help of Mike Pennington and Ben Carter, RETSO came to Duluth, GA on April 12-13th. For 2 days, the industry’s best minds converged on Atlanta to share their ideas and their knowledge with a community eager to soak it all in and help spread those ideas. Working in real estate, we all know that mediocrity runs rampant, philosophies are still rooted in old school ways, and innovation is not truly accepted. So hearing like-minded experts speak on raising the bar in the real estate industry is beyond refreshing.

RETSO is new ways of thinking. It’s Brian Copeland’s hilarious presentation on viral video, Marc Davison of 1000Watt’s inspiring presentation on disruption, and broker Jay Thompson’s views on lead generation and listing syndication. It’s Rob Hahn’s impassioned speech about the MLS and the Corcoran Group’s Matthew Shadbolt’s presentation on how to “stand out in a sea of sameness.”  It’s Todd Carpenter and Krisstina Wise.  It’s Jeff Turner who always brings the funk. It’s agents who "get it” like Heather Elias. It’s Gahlord Dewald’s listening strategy and Dakno’s great presentation on Retargeting. It’s Daniel Rothamel’s compelling plea to everyone to keep the flame burning bright all year long.

There were many other speakers, each with a presentation as good as the last. It was a non-stop smorgasbord of ingenuity, analysis, and innovation. RETSO is both where the ideas that will revolutionize real estate reside and the community that will lead the revolt. This much is clear to me.

As our contribution to the RETSO community, we wanted to find a fun way to highlight everything and everyone who makes the conference so great.

Through the Twitter API, we downloaded all the tweets made during the conference with the hashtag #RETSO, crunched the data, and created a visual summary of RETSO as seen through the Twitterverse.

What do you think? Did the Twitter feed do a good job of encapsulating all that is RETSO? Let us know in the comments.

We. Are. RETSO.

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