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Which Atlanta Neighborhoods Favor Your Feet?

Let's be frank: Atlanta doesn't have a reputation as a walking city.  Although we've often been dubbed the "New York of the South," we certainly don't share that city's pedestrian culture or its density.  "L.A. of the East" is a much more apt description, if you know what I mean.

With that said, there are pockets around town where being car-free, or at least not car-enslaved, is a practical option.  Walk Score's website has the breakdown of Atlanta's most walkable neighborhoods, and there's a chance you've never heard of #1.

Walk Score's algorithm for determining walkability is patent pending, but it's not perfect.  For example, is doesn't take into account how pleasant or safe walking is in a certain area, although factors like block length are counted.  Also, for the time being Atlanta's transit system isn't a part of the equation.  Use it as a starting point, since nothing beats visiting an area for yourself for the whole story.  That is, until they reveal their virtual reality app...

One more thing: with a score of 52.9, Atlanta's not the most overall walkable city in Georgia.  That distinction belongs to our little sister, Decatur (63).

Here are Atlanta's top 10 most walkable neighbrohoods, according to

  1. Atkins Park (92)
  2. Sweet Auburn (88)
  3. Downtown (86)
  4. Poncey-Highland (86)
  5. Buckhead Village (85)
  6. Virginia Highland (83)
  7. Inman Park (81)
  8. Midtown (81)
  9. Georgia Tech (80)
  10. Old Fourth Ward (79)
By the way, Atkins Park is not just the name of Atlanta's oldest continually licensed tavern, it's also a microhood of six blocks in Virginia Highland.

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