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Which of Atlanta's Civil War Battlefields Morphed Into Neighborhoods? All of Them.

Posted on 14, November 2011 by csadmin

Does your home stand on a Civil War battlefield?

While Atlanta doesn't have the best track record when it comes to preserving its historical structures, there's no denying the history that's happened here.  We're mainly known for two things, the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, but too often we leave these topics to the tourists.  Well, except for those guys in period costume with the fake guns, but we won't mention them.  The current temporary exhibit at the Atlanta History Center, War in Our Backyards: Discovering Atlanta, 1864-1865, helps put some perspective on what lies beneath the city's modern development. Using historical maps overlayed on current ones, the exhibit allows you to judge just how close you live to what was certainly a less homely place 150 years ago.  If you rest your head in a neighborhood near the Brookwood area, there's a good chance some Union and Confederate blood was shed nearby.  The same scenario is true for real estate in Inman Park, East Atlanta, Reynoldstown, and Mozley Park.  Just look at it as less of an opportunity to get totally creeped out and more so an exercise in understanding the city's historical context.

Also, that old myth about how all of Atlanta was destroyed by Sherman?  Let's just say Southerners have a way of exaggerating things.  You'll see.

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