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You Can Now Search Clickscape for Homes in the Charleston, S.C. Area!

Posted on 15, November 2011 by csadmin

Clickscape just got a little more genteel, y'all.  That's because you can now browse Charleston, S.C.-area listings on our website!

Savannah's older, more aristocratic sister to the north is chock full of impressive homes and estates, from the barrier islands to South of Broad.  The combination of ancient oaks, secret courtyards, and beautifully classic design is the stuff of real estate daydreams.   Needless to say, we won't be wanting for "Over-the-Top" property nominees any time soon!

In honor of Charleston's induction into the Clickscape family, here's a primer of terms to get you more familiar with the city's built environment.

The 'Burbs: The Charleston peninsula is a bit like Manhattan.  It's showy, expensive, and where all the tourists go.  While plenty of people enjoy life in the center of the city (and for good reason), Charleston also has its share of popular suburbs.   These include Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, and Folly Beach.

Charleston Single House:  This is the city's signature residential building type.  It was possibly influenced by the city's Caribbean connections; the unique form served to maximize privacy and cooling breezes.  The narrow end of the home faces the street, while the front door opens onto what's typically a double-decker piazza. That's Charlestonian for porch.

The French Quarter:  Don't come here looking for Charleston's equivalent of Bourbon Street.  A personal favorite of mine, this is one of downtown's most charming and oldest neighborhoods; in fact, it's the site of Charleston's oldest house.  Also, you'll find the Dock Street Theatre, which claims to be America's oldest, and the French Huguenot Church that's the only surviving congregation of its kind in the country.

FROG:  This means "finished room over the garage" and can also be a self-explanatory unFROG.  Apparently this peculiar term is unique to Charleston.  Its multiple listing service is the only one that recognizes the abbreviation.  It was certainly foreign to these Atlanta ears!

Rainbow Row:  The obligatory postcard perfect Charleston photograph.  Extra points if you can get one of those horse-drawn carriages in the shot!  Rainbow Row is a series of 18th century homes that received their Caribbean-flavored hues during early 20th century renovations.

SoB: SoB stands for "South of Broad."  The area below Broad Street on the tip of Charleston's peninsula is synonymous with old money and opulent homes, especially along The Battery.

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